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Trans World Quality Systems is an international enterprise of services on technical attendance, training and consulting. Regarding the private level, it operates in consonance with food, pharmaceutical, chemical and services industries in the development of projects related with productivity, systems of quality warrant, resolution of industrial problems, development of products, design of industrial installations, wastes treatment, suppliers management, arrangement of installations, processes and products for approval according to national sanitary regulations and valuation of agricultural installations (primary and secondary systems).

On the government level, Trans World Quality Systems, provides services of consulting in systems and tools of quality assurance, re-engineering on public administration, phytosanitary, zoosanitary food safety, systems of quality assurance in public organisms, strategic planning, and accomplishment of data registration, codification, identification and traceability systems. Valuations of national (agriculture and commercial) projects according to international organisms regulations (Inter American Development Bank, World Bank and others) are as well performed.



Thierry Woller
Experto en Sostenibilidad Financiera de los Servicios Sanitarios en Instituto de Protección y Sanidad Agropecuaria(IPSA)
Experto Internacional en Medidas Sanitarias y Fitosanitarias (SPS-MSF) y en Obstaculos Tecnicos al Comercio (TBT-OTC) - Asistencia Tecnica Internacional

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