Trans World Quality Systems is an international enterprise of services on technical attendance, training and consulting. Regarding the private level, it operates in consonance with food, pharmaceutical, chemical and services industries in the development of projects related with productivity, systems of quality warrant, resolution of industrial problems, development of products, design of industrial installations, wastes treatment, suppliers management, arrangement of installations, processes and products for approval according to national sanitary regulations and valuation of agricultural installations (primary and secondary systems).

On the government level, Trans World Quality Systems, provides services of consulting in systems and tools of quality assurance, re-engineering on public administration, phytosanitary, zoosanitary food safety, systems of quality assurance in public organisms, strategic planning, and accomplishment of data registration, codification, identification and traceability systems. Valuations of national (agriculture and commercial) projects according to international organisms regulations (Inter American Development Bank, World Bank and others) are as well performed.



  The Food Safety Plan Builder was raleased in August 22, is a step by steo program that walks companies through a series of pre-programmed questions, according to the response a food security plan is automatically implemented. The Goal of this tool is to help owners and operators of food facilities to create a food […]

Outbreak of E. coli 0157: H7 is detected in Norway with 4 Cases of infected persons

E.coli is a bacterium that normally inhabits the intestines of humans and animals. Even though most of these bacteria are harmless, many of them produce toxins that cause diseases like E. coli 0157: H7 produces the so-called Shiga toxins by the acronym in English, STEC. E.coli O157:H7 is transmitted to humans primarily through consumption of […]

Histamine Outbreak: Temperature Abuse Played an Important Role

  The appearance of histamine is related to poor hygiene in food handling and above all successive breaks in the cold chain of fish, besides, it resists the thermal processes typical of cooking. Spain, Italy, France, Croatia and Denmark reported tuna poisoning from suppliers based in Spain and Mexico. In 2015, seven cases have been […]

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25th International Beekeeping Update Congress

Date: May 16, 17 and 18, 2018 Location: Hotel Real de Minas Tradicional Dr. Thierry Woller will be attending the “XXV International Congress of Apicola Update” which will take place in Querétaro, to be held at  “The Hotel Real de Minas Tradicional”. topics to be discussed are: Genetics Feeding Health Economy Ecology Biodiversity Climate Change […]

XXIV International Congress of Beekeeping Update

May 17 to 19, 2017 Dr. Thierry Woller will be a speaker on beekeeping topics from May 17 to 19, 2017 to be held in the City of Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

V Inter Academy Meeting

Human Diseases Caused by Errors in Production and Processed Food . Montevideo, 22-23 de noviembre de 2016 Telemedicine Center Fundation Peluffo_Guiggens (Gastón Ramón S/N boulevard Artigas´ corner) On November 22 and 23, 2016, the V Scientific Meeting of Interacademies Rioplatenses (National Academies of Veterinary and Medicine of Uruguay and the Academies of Agronomy and Veterinary […]

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We offer a variety of services to our clients including

National and international regulations and technical norms of health and food safety

TWQS has permanent international regulatory oversight in Zoo Sanity, Phytosanitary and Food Safety, with a deep knowledge of the interactions and scope of each one. Provides training to both private industry and official institutions.

Technical Assistance in projects and programs of international cooperation

Our experts collaborate with various international cooperation agencies such as IDB, WB, IICA, FAO, OIE, EU, USAID, among others.

Technical Assistance to Official Government Institutions

TWQS has had more than 17 years of assistance in Governmental Institutions of various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and Asia, in agricultural health as food safety.

Surveillance and control programs based on risk, of contaminant residues and hygiene in agri-foods

Having monitoring and control programs based on risk, of residues, contaminants and hygiene in agri-foods greatly reduces the pressure in volume of samples and ensures better internal management and against the competent authorities of equivalence evaluation.

Assistance in implementing ISO (90001, 14000, 17020, 17021, 17025, 17065, 22000)

TWQS has experience in the implementation of management systems in different areas, be they private industries as in Official Government Institutions. ISO 17025 accreditation is an international requirement for testing laboratories for the issuance of officially valid protocols, and official government institutions will shortly require accreditation for product inspection, process and certification.

Valuation of industries and agricultural and livestock activities

We have extensive experience in assessing industries and primary agricultural and livestock farms for both banks in recovery of non-financial assets and for access to loans.

Quality System Audit Service and Safety Tools


Safety tools are a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of food, whether at the primary or processing stage, and are required by most national and international regulations.

Design and implementation of primary and industrial food safety tools

(BPA; BPL; BPM; BPH; POES; HACCP; HARPC; ITR, among others)

Safety tools are a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of food, whether at the primary or processing stage, and are required by most national and international regulations.

Supplier Qualification Interface Programs

Having reliable suppliers is an important part of your business. Our supplier evaluation and qualification programs allow you to ensure that your suppliers are reliable partners in your company.

Food monitoring and control program, food sampling and analysis

Food monitoring and control programs should be designed based on risk of the product-process, which allows to know the level of risk of each food and therefore the risk mitigation programs to be applied. To verify the efficiency and effectiveness of these programs, a sampling is designed for the verification analysis.

Legal Qualifications and Assistance for Access to International Markets

We advise our clients on the qualifications of their facilities, required products and documentation for the different markets of destination of their product, avoiding inconveniences when embarking or entering the country of destination. TWQS has an extensive network of international buyers, whose contacts allow you to open new possibilities to access with your products to the most demanding markets.

Advice on equipment for the food industry

The selection of equipment for the production of the desired product, safely and with good productivity is essential when designing a new line. TWQS, through its equipment experts and its representatives helps you to know the most suitable offers for your products.

Design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative evaluation protocols

Assessment and compliance follow-up requires well-defined, qualitative and / or quantitative protocols that allow monitoring of progress in health issues. TWQS develops protocols for various industries and official institutions and provides training.

Design of Industrial Plants

TWQS has an important Know-how in plant design for the food and pharmaceutical industry. It includes the recommendations to achieve efficient production levels, quality, safety and innocuousness.







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