Economic-commercial situation – technical and political perspective from the commercial, health and regulatory point of view.


On Thursday, December 13, 2018, Dr. Thierry Woller participated in the workshop “Awareness, route of action and commercial prospects of cocoa, regarding the regulation of maximum cadmium content in chocolate”, as speaker and also, was responsible of the round table of questions and answers, which took place at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Guatemala City.

The topics of Dr. Woller’s presentation were

Content of Cadmium in Cocoa. Economic-commercial situation and cocoa opportunities.
a-Scenarios in commerce (from a technical and political perspective)
b- How it affects health
International regulations that establish maximum limits for Cadmium in chocolate and its impact on cocoa (interpretation of Regulation 1881/2006 / EU updated by Reg. 488/2014 / EU).
If you want to see the agenda of the workshop activities and the presentation, download it here:

Agenda del Taller de Sensibilización Cd-cacao

Cadmio y cacao – Guatemala

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