Our Clients from Argentina

Research “Fostering the agricultural sector capacity to export to the EU through a better understanding of the SPS regulation” to provide information to the private sector from México, Central American and Andean countries.

Teacher of the Master in Food Safety and Quality - Professor of Safety and application of tools and management systems of the quality and safety.

Grupo Cepa S.A: leading food company exporting products to the US and the EU (chilled, frozen, cooked, preserved, meat extract). Comprehensive responsibility: Technical Quality Management (4 highly complex laboratories, pilot plant and 5 processing plants (5 slaughterhouses (bovine slaughterhouse and 2 equines), 3 frozen meats, 2 canning plants, 3 meat extract plants , 5 cut-outs of cuts, 1 plant for the manufacture of tin containers), tannery plant, feed plant, and responsibility for the commercial technical relationship with customers and sanitary and technical authorities. / IEC 9001 and ISO 14,000.-

Professor of the Graduate Degree in Industrial Food Quality - Professor of international health legislation, technical regulations and operation at WTO level; Professor of Safety, and application of tools and quality management systems.

 Responsibility: To lead the reengineering of the Agency, for the development of the Organization's strengthening, through the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan, the creation of the SENASA Code of Standards (CNS), the implementation of a quality management system, Based on ISO / IEC 9001 standards and MSF application in SENASA; Responsible for the Scientific Technical Commission on waste, contaminants and food hygiene.

Nutryte; Nutrition and Technology SA

Nutryte, Nutrition and Technology S.A .: leading company in the commercialization of vacuum-chilled meats, the first to make direct sales to European and Chilean supermarkets of vacuum-packed meat, in both beef and pork cuts. I lead the process and lead the company to ISO / IEC 9001